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We all need money. The reason why some are employed, some are running their own business, some are acting, singing, dancing, teaching, painting, cleaning and doing hundreds of other things to make money. But still we need more money to do things which we cannot afford to do with the monthly pay or whatever we are earning from what we do.

Well, there are hundreds of opportunities to make more money doing small and tiny tasks. You need to spend an hour or two regularly whenever you like or feel to do these jobs, in the comfort of your room never even having to leave your home. To complete most of these tasks online, you need a computer or a smartphone and knowledge of typing, these are the basics. With these two you can do many things and make some extra money on a regular basis. These are for the beginners of course.

For professionals and experts, using their knowledge they can make more and more money since there is a "big price" for knowledge. Simply, for answering a few questions, solving a problem, assisting someone to make a decision, tutoring, developing a small app or software, designing a website or product and for many things like this, you can get paid on an hourly basis. It's all depending on how much knowledge you have and how much time you are willing spend. The more time you spend the more you can earn.

The wonder of working from home to make extra money is that some people who started on these extra job opportunities have eventually quit their regular jobs by gradually increasing the number of jobs they perform per day thereby growing their income. Top 10 reasons why people prefer to work on their own than working for a someone:

Freedom - you work at your convenience and at your own pace
Flexibility - your working hours are not fixed. You can work as long as you like
No Target - you are not under pressure to reach any target.
Leave - you don't need to apply leave or penalized with pay cuts
Retirement - you don't need to worry about retirement or lay off
Travelling - you don't need to travel to work or be on time to duty
Reporting - you don't need to report to Head or Boss
Payment - you don't need wait for a week or month to get your pay
Time - you can spend more time with your family and kids
Pleasure - you can travel anywhere at any time and enjoy your life

It must be understood that these types of small tasks or jobs are "not" an alternative for a regular job. The advantages of a regular job is much more in terms of security, perks and other countless benefits.

Listed below are some of the proven extra income making opportunities to take advantage:

In our lifetime we all acquire a skill either by education or occupation in a specific area. Top Companies are looking for skilled personnel to get their opinion about their products and brands. And they are ready to pay for your time and opinion. You can earn US$10 for every 20-minutes for the questions that you answer and more for interviews.usertesting

Use your smartphones to become a video consultant on the field of your expertise. Get paid by the minute for the advises and guidelines given to your client. Fibler

Earn cash and rewards for texting with your friends and more. Indeed an innovative way of making money using the technology. Imgr

Simply install and app and the company will send you random text messages to your mobile device. You will earn money for each text message received. The messages do not contain any meaningful texts but only some random characters that you can ignore. You can even delete the text as soon as you have received it. No need to store it. Start receiving messages and earning money! McMoney App

Here is another money making opportunity using your smartphone. Simply receive short messages from the owners and its customers. Simply read and delete and get paid. Money SMS App

How many computers or laptop do you have in your home? With this money making program you simply install a software and do nothing. Whenever your computer or computers are idling you will make money even while you are sleeping. Even for your friends and family you will earn referral income. You can earn upto $5 per day without doing any work. Imagine if you have more than one computer what would be the income you are generating on a daily basis. Earn Money Network

I am sure you have heard and worked with get paid programs like get paid to surf, get paid to read and get paid to watch videos etc., But most of these get paid programs pays around $0.0010 per click. Some pay even less. But this company pays $0.02 for each and every click. Also they give away money like $0.50 and more for performing other simple tasks. A genuine program that have been in the business for many years. Get Paid To Read

Earn money testing UX & UI. Up to €50 per hour. Testing Time

Would you like to get paid for easy tasks like posting on TikTok, watching funny slideshows, playing games, installing apps, completing captchas and posting on Instergram? Then this is a very good opportunity to make $8 to $10 dollars hour doing these simple tasks. Tik Tok

If you can speak eloquently and have a good voice, there are opportunities to sell your voice and make an extra income. This source provides variety of projects to choose such as auditions for videos, documentaries, audio books, cartoons, promotions, podcasts, animation, gaming, television and documentaries for voice artists. There are no payment whatsoever to join this platform. Simply create an online profile wait for the clients to contact you. Covoco

Using the resources provided free by this platform, you can create your own course in the subject of your choice and sell. This platform have earned over $650 Million selling courses online. Worth checking. Thinkific

Get paid from $0.50 to $3.00 watching videos and answering questions on products and brands that you use daily. You can earn an extra $1.00 for each and every friend or relative that you refer to this branded product video watching program. Adwallet

Avalanches is a unique resource for writers of news. The gets the opportunity to write news items about events happening in their country and display them in a global feed of users all around the world. A very good opportunity for individuals who want to expose them to the world as a news reporter. News articles can be published in over 50 languages. Also this is a unique platform for the readers to discover the latest news events from a city town to the whole world and too give their feedback about the news item. Avalanche

I have come across hundreds of blog sites. But this one is absolutely different! This blogging site will teach you how to start a blog, how to create content, how to find readers, how to build your audience and MOST IMPORTANTLY HOW TO MAKE MONEY. If you had a plan to start your own blog and make money but had to drop the idea without much help, then this is what you are looking for. Join the community of over 300,000 Bloggers. .Pro Blogger

Would you like to get paid to review books? You will be paid between $5 and $60 for your honest, quick and positive review of the books published by various authors. This is completely a free money making opportunity. Onlinebook Club

This source offers transcription jobs on a regular basis. They pay from $0.72 per minute for converting video or audio to text, for English captioning from $1.04 per minute, writing English subtitles for videos from $7.50 per minute, for translation jobs $0.06 per word for translating audio or text into 30+ languages. (affiliate program available)GoTranscript

offers an opportunity to enhance your income by transcribing audio files. The work involves listening to the audio files and converting it to words . They pay for works completed on an audio hour basis for each submission in US Dollars.  Payments are made once a day. Rates of pay $5 to $25 per audio hour. (affiliate program available)Scribie

offers transcribing jobs. Converting voicemail messages, memos, letters, legal files, medical files, recordings of phone calls, conference calls and other audio files into text. A transcript is a word-for-word, written documentation of a recording.Quickstate

Here is a source that offer a particular type of job. Works involved in terms of: Answering questions about an image, website, or text sample. Labelling objects on an image by drawing lines. Draw boxes around objects in an image. Draw outlines around objects in an image. Interpreting frames of a video. Paint the pixels in an image. Drawing cuboids around 3D point clouds. These are the types of jobs available. Full training and assistance provided for the selected candidates. (affiliate link given above).Remotasks

For individuals with experience in proof reading can apply for proofreader jobs offered from this source. According to their website their proofreaders worldwide have completed over 100,000 documents of clients in over 100 countries. They also sell an e-book that contains over 100 companies that offer proofreading jobs and this invaluable ebook can be purchased for a price the buyer What a remarkable offer!Proofreadingservices

Selling photos online is a BIG BUSINESS now. Anyone with a good smartphone and some knowledge can get into this business easily if he has eye to take stunning photos. Some sellers in the industry of digital photography are making millions of dollars selling digital photos online for companies and individuals around the world. The demand for high quality and unique photos are never ending. These online sellers will accept any number of digital photos as long as the quality of photos are high, innovative and brilliant. Listed below are TOP 10 PLACES TO SELL YOUR digital photos. These companies have MILLIONS of Clients buying from them.

Shutterstock | 500px | foap | alamy | getty images | stocksy | Canstockphoto | twenty20 | depositphotos | glstock

Sure fire ways of making money with Surveys. This platform introduces to hundreds of credible and paying survey companies. Do not get the impression this as those non-paying scam survey sites that you come across search engines. Most of them only waste your time and money. Not this one. Please check. Panelplace