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Despite the economic volatility around the world caused by the devastating virus and the resultant loss of employment, a number of services are remarkably still in demand globally for people who are ready to take the challenge and pursue.

Right now, there is a shortage for computer programmers’ in the job market. Hundreds and thousands of jobs are daily advertised online by recruiters and employers seeking specialists and software professionals for full time and part times jobs. The development of information technology is never ending and accordingly the requirement for computer software developers and related professionals are increasing on a daily basis. It is not too late, even now anyone can start and get into this multi-million dollar industry. Not only the IT sector, there are a number of other industries are also seeking more workforces such as the Health Industry, Engineering, Finance, Administrative, Construction, Law and few others.

Information Systems Managers

An Information Systems Managers ensures the security and efficient operation of all computer systems, applications, hardware and software utilized in an organization.

Information Technology Professionals

An Information technology professional ensures compliance of standards and specifications for network computer systems, developing computer systems applications and develop, install and maintain computer systems.

App Developers

An app developer creates, test and program apps for computers, mobile phones and tablets.

Business Systems Analysts

A Business Systems Analyst monitors and recommends improvements to an organization's software, hardware and business systems.

Cloud Computing Managers

A Cloud Computing Manager ensures the cloud computing-based resources are working optimally and properly interacting with users and other service

Data Scientists

A data scientist is a professional responsible for collecting, analyzing and interpreting extremely large amounts of data.

Data Analysts

The data analyst serves as a gatekeeper for an organization's data so stakeholders can understand data and use it to make strategic business decisions.

Artificial Intelligence Professionals

An artificial intelligence professional works with algorithms, neural networks and other tools to advance the field of artificial intelligence. They work on various industries such as healthcare, trade, public planning.

Digital Content Specialists

Digital content providers are becoming a top priority of tech-savvy companies. The role of the digital content specialist varies greatly depending on the job title. A graphic designer or a freelancer working from home can be described as a digital content specialist.

Cyber Security Professionals

A Cyber Security Professional are information security analysts who safeguard the business from attacks by cyber criminals and hackers.

Computer Systems Analysts

A Computer Systems Analyst works to implement hardware and software solutions for organizations.

Computer User Support Specialists

A Computer User Support Specialist are individuals who assist the clients to understand how to use the technology and solve technical issues.

Mechanical & Electronic Engineers

Mechanical engineers are engaged in various industries especially in designing high tech equipment in the present time. Such equipment include 3D Printers, Robotics, VR Hardware and hundreds of other Devices.

HVAC Technicians

In this modern era, new buildings demand certified installation technicians who can carefully manage the installation process. Accordingly, HVAC technicians are in demand because they are experts in providing safe solutions to install and manage futuristic appliances.


Registered Nurses, Physical Therapists, Health Service Managers, Biomedical Engineers, Rehabilitation Counselors, Personal Care Attendants, Home Health Aid Workers, Medical Technologists and Healthcare Specialists.


Fast Food Deliverers, Heavy-Truck Drivers, Carpenters, Plumbers, Accountants, Research Analysts, Financial Advisors, Agriculturalists and Construction Workers.

Foreign Language Teacher

Prior to the pandemic, thousands of students from Asia, Africa, Middle East and South East Asian Countries travelled overseas to learn English. But due to the current situation students are engaging with online tutors to learn English live using freely available computer and mobile application like Zoom, Microsoft Team, Kahoot, Seesaw, Google Classroom, Remind, Classtree, Slack, Trello to name a few.

Affiliate Marketing Managers

An Affiliate Marketing Manager is an individual who possess expert knowledge in SEO, Web Designing, Affiliate Marketing, Social Marketing Media Authority, Web Designing and Development, Content Management.

Photographers and videographers

Companies worldwide are looking for good photographers and videographers to purchase tailor-made photos and videos for marketing and promotional purposes and to keep customers well updated of their products and services on social media mediums.

Data Entry Operators

Data Entry Operators involves in entering data from hard copies or micro images to a computer database. Sometimes the functions of a data entry operator goes beyond the simple data entering such as photo copying, document scanning, answering emails etc.,

Virtual Assistants

Virtual Assistant provides secretarial duties and administrative support to its clients working remotely. In addition to performing various administrative tasks, including answering emails, phone calls, scheduling meetings, making travel arrangements, manage client contact list, calendars, market research, presentations, customer service. Having excellent communication skills and hands on experience in using software applications, organization skills.


Lawyers remain in high demand in certain niche specialties. Most lucrative job offers are available in areas such as civil litigation, environmental law, bankruptcy, labor law, intellectual property, e-discovery practice, and foreclosure law.


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