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This pandemic is revolutionizing the whole world. It has made significant economic changes already and continue to change other countries worldwide. Governments of developing, under developing and developed countries too equally shocked and caught off balance by its unusual behavior. No one knows what is the right course of action to take to stop the gradual collapse of the global economies. But, this is not the first time such a pandemic had striked this world. The catastrophic 1918 Spanish Flu too caused great economic losses to the nations who lived during that period. It was on record that around 500,000,000 people were infected with the virus and approximately 50,000,000 people had died worldwide. Although the virus lasted many years, eventually the world regained its strength and evolved. The world did not evolve by itself, but the willpower of the people.

One of the mandatory action decreed by WHO during this pandemic was to maintain social distancing followed by locking down major cities. With the Lockdown, the commencement of working-from-home that was in existence already became more popular and employees were enforced to adopt this method by the organizations since mobilizing came to a standstill. But not all works or professions can be performed from home. As a result, thousands of employees around the world lost their jobs and livelihood in a matter of months. Amazingly, some professions did not affect at all, rather the demand for these professions increased during the pandemic, and still do. There are many jobs are in demand now, but the IT sector is the most demanding. The reason is, professionals IT workers or even the lowest paid IT worker could execute the tasks entrusted to him or her from home using the technologies available today.

What if somebody is not an IT professional or performing a job specifically cannot be done online. The answer is to learn a new Skill. It is the right time.

One of the inherent qualities of the human being is flexibility. Every person has a life objective. He or she works very hard to achieve that objective. But sometimes things will not work out as expected. In the real life sometimes job changes occur, transfers to a site where the worker do not have any knowledge, extreme working conditions and environment or losing a job suddenly. But none one will simply accept these sudden changes and think it is the end of the world. Rather life will continue because of this flexibility nature of the human being that helps the human to get adopted to those situations.

There are many benefits in learning new skills in the current situation. Remote working is becoming highly popular all over the world since travelling is restricted severely and it is also used as a process to control infections.

When you have learn a new skill either you can find new job opportunities or develop your own system to sustain your existing income sources, because new skills harvests innovative and creative ideas.

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